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Our Mission is to provide Live Peer to Peer Sharing from the comfort of your own environment. We do this through Live audio webinars. This social sharing facilitates an avenue for people to help one another.

Everyone deserves the right to a good quality life.

Meet pharmacist Steve:

Pharmacist Steve has been a licensed Pharmacist for nearly 50 years and has experience working in chain pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, nursing home pharmacies and owned/operated his own independent pharmacy for 20 yrs that not only provided prescriptions but specialized in providing Home Medical Equipment, including home oxygen/respiratory services, home IV therapy and prosthetics/orthotics and a mastectomy center.

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Sarah L, Colorado

” I absolutely love LiveSupportGroup! I’m the anti-support group girl and to say this group has changed not only my mind but my life is not an exaggeration. My chronic illness and pain keeps me from participating in so many things, but LSG offers access from the comfort of home. Getting the support to get through each day is something so many of us seek and so few find…until now. I’ve found kindred in a format that doesn’t put me at odds with my body and pain on any given day. Safe to say, best ever in my opinion. “

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