” Since joining LiveSupportGroup, I have listened and learned so much. I am able to say how I feel and not worry about getting in trouble. It has let me understand how we all deal with pain and depression! ”

Tim M, Oregon

” For all my friends and contacts out there… There are so many of you that have had vast experiences and have a lot of knowledge that could be so beneficial to our Live Support Group, and I would like to invite you again to join us. I’m not being selfish by asking you to contribute. We currently have many members who have also experienced a wide range of life. It’s a wonderful two way street of sharing. Most of our members are chronically ill or disabled from causes ranging from illness to accidents. Other of our members are healthy but have a family member who is suffering. It’s a very personal helpful group of people, who every week share parts of their lives and knowledge with each other. We share information concerning doctors, medicine, diets, lifestyle, emotional issues, and the list goes on. Each week as the meeting is ending, everyone feels better from the knowledge they’ve gained or the knowledge that they’ve shared. I look forward each week to our Wednesday meeting. Every Wednesday I leave the meeting with the knowledge that there are ways to improve my circumstance. There’s been discussion about adding a Saturday afternoon meeting, for those who have trouble with the Wednesday evening time. Again, please join us, I know you’ll benefit from the experience. ”

Susie D, Colorado

” I came across Live Support Group and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. Live Support is just what its name says. It’s a group of people who get together, once a week via phone, laptop, computer etc, to share how our week was and what we’re going through. We are all the same in one way or another; we all suffer from chronic pain that doesn’t go away. Some days are better than others, sometimes it’s just mornings, evenings, or nights that are better or worse. It’s give me/us an opportunity to share how we feel, what works for some, what doesn’t, what some have tried, and sometimes it’s just suggestions. The only people who understand us are those who have been there, done that. What you won’t hear is ‘you need to go to the gym, you need to exercise more, and you need to get out’. We get it! If you feel like talking you can, and if not, you can just listen. Sometimes just listening makes me feel better, knowing there are individuals out there much worse than I am. For those of you out there who are reluctant to sign up, just try it once. If you like it hope to hear from you next week, if not, at least you tried. ”

Martha T, Illinois

” To whom it may concern, I’m not real computer literate, so while trying to find out some information on RA (rheumatoid arthritis), I stumbled across this website for people with chronic pain issues and I asked them a question not expecting a reply back of course. However, a couple days later I received an email explaining how they weren’t a medical website but rather a support group for people living with chronic pain. So, I thought why not listen in and maybe I’ll learn something. After a few sessions i found that other people are going through the same s*** I’m dealing with. just the affirmation that what’s going on in you is happening to others is reassuring that your not crazy. Next thing you know, you’re learning things to help you, and maybe even things to help others. So, I recommend anybody who even thinks this might help to give it a try! It just might help. And if you’re sincere and want help, this could be just what you’re looking for… Real answers from people that don’t have any reason to do any thing other than share the truth. I wish I had this resource many medicine treatments ago! ”

Dan M, Ohio

My name is Elton and I am a chronic pain patient that resides in Virginia. And my chronic pain diagnosis started from a constant abdominal pain that started bothering me back in 2009 when a repeated visit to the ER and was treated as acute pancreatic attacks but it turned out to be a dead spleen and a partially dead pancreas. But as time and surgeries went by my final surgery had left me dealing with daily uncontroled horrible pain and lots of pain meds. But I went online to find a support group where I conversate with others that go thru life with chronic pain and fortunately I had became involved with the live support group and was welcomed with opened arms. Robin is absolutely the best host of the program and I look forward to every weekly webinar. Not only is it caring but also informative. I really recommend the program to people that has a debilitating medical situation that feels as if they are alone in their battle with chronic pain. ”

Elton L, Virginia